I just remembered the first time I set up a Linux-Server. It was a simple Apache webserver at my first internship anf I didnt have a clue about literally anything.

My mentor guided me through and gave me literal step-by-step instructions (alright, now type... and now type...).

At the end he told me "OK, now run 'sudo rm -rf /*' to finish setting up". Me, being the naive and clueless motherfucker I am, happily nuked the everloving shit out of my newly setup server. I was like "Alright, WTF just happened??" He then told me "Now that you know how it works, do the entire thing again all by yourself. And you just learned an important lesson: NEVER exexute commands you dont know what theyre doing". I really did learn a lot on that day and still follow that lesson :D

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    😂😂 Truly a valuable lesson
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    Great mentor but imagine spending years in that project, growing stronger, and then getting revenge. Then you look back at him and say, "This is why you should never trust anybody."

    Then the buildings explodes as soon as you jump out of the window and you see him from a distance, his face burning out of existence. You land at a nearby beach with your parachute. You put on your sunglasses and a bunch of bitches run your way.
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    @rutee07 Dayumnnnn 😂😂😂
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    @rutee07 And then you wake up?
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    @Paralax No, then you take another 5gum.
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    @rutee07 and then a mission impossible outtro blurts in the background
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    I'm gonna try that on the next intern/junior joining my team
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    😂 😂 😂
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    @rutee07 jumping out of window and landing with parachute on such short height? What is this, every Battlefield game?
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