Fuck you, Medium paywall!

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    Agreed, I prefer a small or a large paywall
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    Just open it in private browsing?
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    Seriously! First peer reviewed journals, now this shit!
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    @alexbrooklyn cool! I hadn't noticed.
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    @msdsk I just did, and it works. Thank you
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    The whole concept of paying for Medium articles is even funnier considering most are worth less than used toilet paper.
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    totally agree, i normally use incognito mode just for reading more articles.
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    Hell yeah!
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    Although opening them in incognito mode does not always work. Then the vpn comes into play... But again... Not always working as well...
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    @manolito Then nuclear warheads come into play...
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    I bet your boss doesn't like your paywall either. hahahaa
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    Honestly when sites like Medium pull this stuff, I just move on to some other site. Not worth my time.
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    @ElectroMantis me too but I found an interesting post 😔
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    If incognito doesn't work then google the article title. These articles are usually published on multiple blogs, sites.
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