Former coworker, inspiring that he still gave a shit when I had no shits left to give. Also, a comp sci teacher taught me there is no problem that can't be boiled down to small simple problems, that could be explained to a 5 year old. If someone says otherwise, they're either full of shit or they're trying to fill you with shit.

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    Word. Occam's razor.
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    @sleepyDevHead I have to stop you there. Ockham razor is a guideline that says you should prefer the most parsimonious (simplest) model when two models perform the same. So that is not the same thing as chopping up a problem into smaller parts. #hellyeahphilosophyofscience
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    @Charmgoggles I read the original post as meaning code has simpler equivalencies, not that it's being broken/chopped.
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    Its supposed to be a combination kinda...
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