6 hours into a 124gb upload and then the internet goes out due to a malfunctioning modem.

Just. Fucking. Great.

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    Chop chop chop!
    If it's large, always break it up or torrent it!
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    @Root Yeah I usually do that or something similar but since disruptions are very, very rare here I didn't even give it a second thought while doing 10 things at the same time 😅
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    @Root I read 'torment it' at first
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    round -avP ftw lol
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    That would take me like a week to upload here !

    Or if I went down the road a little way, 3 months..
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    @Nanos Hey at least you must have cows or something to keep you entertained!
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    So with my limit of 48KB/s upload speed it would take me 30 days and 19 hours! but that's not the best of it! the best is that my regular speed is around 25KB/s, so if I leave my pc turned on 24/7 it would take me 2 months 2 days 15 hours... My only hope is Starlink lol
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    @Srouden That must be such a hassle for day to day tasks. Even using got would take time with a connection like that!

    PS: I recently read a news about a game update that was 95GB.
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