That sinking feeling of horror when you are helping a student with a problem in their assignment only to see major logic errors that prove they dont actually understand what they are doing. * drinks wiskey in prep for marking *

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    Think you should try something a little stronger, like add a shot of vodka to the whiskey... Good luck, lecturing is not easy, remember that everyone learns differently though...some through books, and others trial and error and failing courses.. Teach the padawans well, for one day they will form part of our community if not already =P
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    Haha I know this all too well. If you're teaching a morning class, mimosas FTW.
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    Do you not say... Son you fucked up ... And walk away
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    @FitzSuperUser currently my mantra
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    I had a teacher once that taught so increadibly bad, that no one understood. He would then walk around the lab telling us "you should know this". Back to google for a tutorial on wtf it was he tried to teach us..
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