Frontender, social media manager and windows (server) admin!

Frontender; being paid to do something I couldn't care less about and find very frustrating (as for developing it)

Social media manager; being paid to use mass surveillance engines 😷

Windows (server) admin; I don't think I have to explain this one...

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    Windows Server admins and social media managers aren't devs
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    @don-rager i had an job offer, where i would do a dev job and an windows sysadmins one.
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    @stop let me clarify: someone who does only work AS a windows Server Admin or only AS a social Media Manager is not a dev. That doesn't mean a person cannot Take on multiple responsibilities though
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    @don-rager True but as sysadmins are also on devRant and I've never worked as a dev anyways I thought I'd include that. Also, social media manager people are regularly (at least, at the companies I've been) seen as IT people so I included it for the sake of general jobs I couldn't do in regards to IT.
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    @don-rager Clarifying: I'm an ex Linux sysadmin and currently moving to another IT field but I've never programmed professionally.
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    @linuxxx ah good to know. Since the question specificly mentioned "Dev job" and you mentioned two IT fields different from that, the smartass Part of my brain Had that special tingling sensation
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    hey now, most people use their mass surveillance engine for free or even pay to put one in their home
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