I feel totally empty inside, it's 3:30 AM, but I got emoji's working in the Linux terminal AND Windows terminal using the same c code.

What you're looking at here is Linux (top left), Windows (starting slightly right of the top left), and the source code for both platforms. It also runs until you press the 'q' key so just displaying an Emoji would be much less code.

It took literally all day of learning about Unicode, Unicode in c, Unicode in ncurses, Unicode in Linux, and Unicode in Windows. But fuck me, I did it.

Only the new Windows Terminal (Preview) renders emoji. The old CMD.exe and powershell.exe will only render what their fonts offer, which isn't much. This got me stuck for a while.

Check out the lib here... leave a star for my ego.


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    But why, WHY are you doing this? Emojicode wasn't enough for you?
    The terminal was one of the few places left in the computing world that hadn't been infested by the emoji plague. And now you've gone and destroyed it. You monster!

    (But seriously though, why on earth would you want emojis in a terminal? What practical purpose would they serve?)
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    @endor I've seen some interesting cases about having the ⚠️ emoji as a warning symbol in stuff like builds and logs, etc. But the realest reason is to support my long-time-goal of a fully featured devRant terminal client. ASCII art images, Unicode, devRant colors and themes, the whole 9 yards.

    One step closer, today
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    @endor plus, it's 2020, and even in the Terminal, Unicode should be implemented FIRST, not as an afterthought.
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    @endor MacOS has supported it for a bit already!
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    @linuxxx Which means that Emoji is supported in all three major OS Terminal Emulators!
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