I'm a student in applied computer science and yesterday I had a course where we use drupal and we needed to update our drupal site. The professor told us at the beginning that in a previous lesson some people needed more than 2 hours to do this. I started laughing because whybin the world would you need more than 2 hours to update a site, right?
It took 3 hours to update my site -_-

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    Ok never used drupal. Why did it took so long?
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    @HoloDreamer it's ... Well classic signs of built by a programmer it's not natural in my eyes , WordPress with little pointers you know what your doing drupal .... Steeper learning curve
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    Because the normal update method didn't work so we needed to start using commands to update the site manualy and everybody got a lot of different errors whil doing this
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    Because with Drupal, you need to clear the cache, even if you disabled caching... I hate Drupal
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    We cleared the cache but we had problems while trying the drush commands, it gave different errors on different computers so yeah it was time expensive@apex
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