What's the best ui framework for reactjs? Material-ui? What are you using at work?

I know angular now - used to hate it a lot. I have no work experience in react and vue so I'm trying to learn now react and view. Hopefully I can give you honest and detailed opinion to their differences.

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    Idk about react, but for vue definitely use vuetify. I havent seen anything from react, angular or vue that comes close to it.
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    Typical angular dev question :).

    At work, we use Yew with our own design system.
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    I'm currently developing my portfolio with material-ui, and i think it's handful that I don't have to create more components manually. And I also used primereact before, but the documentation is still using class based component, so if you want to used hooks, it's gonna be a little different by the way the states being used to controll the component
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