We hired a developer and he has very minimal experience. I feel most of our conversations end up going something like this.

New Guy: I'm not sure how to do this obvious task and I'm incapable of searching Google.

Me: Give me your hand so I can hold it and walk you through the process of copying and pasting code from stack overflow.

New Guy: Ok...give you my hand...right...how do I do that?


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    Strong case for late stage abortion. Like, up to age 50.
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    I know that feeling.

    Classmate: "Do you know how to do this?"

    I: "If you search {{problem}} on Google you'll find something"

    Classmate: "Yeah, but what do I write?"

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    I worked with people with this mentality with 15 years of "experience". At least your new hire has an excuse and eventually he will learn.
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    @webketje You sure about the part "eventually he'll learn"?
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    @Axel1011111 he'll learn! Whether its related to the job or just learning when you get annoyed, is another thing 😄
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    This is why 'let me google that for you' is so popular
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    What kind of hiring process your company used? 🙄
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