Oh how wonderful is to update an Angular project from 2.4 and trying to reach 8, only to have everything broken by Angular 6 and PrimeNG 6.

And what's best is when your boss tells you that you will have to later create the entire project from scratch using Vue.js and having it run in WebSphere, whilst upgrading the current Angular project.


btw, if anyone has any guides or tips on starting a Vue.js project with Spring as the back-end I would really appreciate it!! ^^_

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    One does not simply just upgrade something 6 major versions. Major version change means breakage.

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    @olback sorry, i forgot to mention that i didn't go from 2.4 to 6. I went 1 major at a time, so it was 2.4 > 4 > 5 > 6.
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    IMo upgrading Angular major version is best done about a month or so after release, when any initial bugs are fixed both in Angular and in libraries, and the last time I couldn't upgrade my projects with minimal work was when they dropped RxJS 5 (could be what's causing you problems with Angular 6?). What's the reason your project failed so far behind?
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    @hitko It's a project that was already at my job when I started a few years ago. We never did upgrade it since many have been using it without problems, but now they want to migrate it to another area and so the upgrade was needed.
    I did fix all the RxJS 5 code to RxJS 6 and the HttpClientModule replacement with lots of hard work. Right now the biggest problem was moving from the free Omega theme to the Nova-Light theme in PrimeNG 6.
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    You can create Vue project with Cli or Gui.
    Go with Gui, and select webpack 4.
    After setting it up check online for scss confing, or Vue will bundle everything together and fuck you up.
    If you need help feel free to contact me.
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    You could use nuxt, it is based on vue and it really helps you bootstrap your project in a couple of minutes, as for boiler plates for spring with vue/nuxt , I don’t think there are that many, better structure your project as 2 separate folders, spring as the API provider and Vue/Nuxt as front-end

    I found a boilerplate that may help you: https://github.com/mraible/...
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