My boss gave us a spring framework assignment as a training. I did it in half the time required while my colleague was struggling with it. later on he asked me for help so i came to his desk and to my surprise here i am looking at my code and he managed to f*** it up. I don't mind taking my code but have the decency to say so. P.S: he accessed my pc over LAN from the run command

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    What an arse
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    @kanduvisla well after that i opened fsmgmt.msc to monitor remote access...he tried to do the same on the very next assignment
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    1) get a camera
    2) walk up to him
    3) tell him "its not nice to snoop into my pc to get to my code"
    4) "i have evidence and i find this a low blow"
    5) cherry-on-top it with a smile
    6) watch closely their facial expressions churn, thinking of excuses
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    @amjo hahahahahaha i already dcreenshoted the session and its open files
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