Hey everyone,

So I recently had a phone interview which I think I fucked up by being super scared and this not being able to answer some questions properly. They said that they'll be sending a programming test but I haven't heard back from them since about a week. I'm having this bad feeling that my application has been rejected.

What would be a good way to email them back asking how the interview went and whether they will be moving forward with my application or not?

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    You don't. They won't disclose that information for legal reasons, as it can lead to lawsuits. You email saying you appreciate the opportunity and appreciate the ability to speak with them, you're excited for the company and things the challenges it presents blah blah blah.

    Giving them a positive impression and a sense of eagerness is the best you can do. If you feel you bombed a question that is trivial, sending the correct answer in with some insightful commentary might course correct it, but probably won't.
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    My advice is to always have a few applications on the go at once. It helps with nerves (you'll have more opportunities if you screw one interview up), helps with negotiations (you may get more than one offer and so can negotiate on salary without bluffing) and means potential employers are often waiting on you, not you on them.

    Don't gun after this job in particular - apply to others, and then if they call you back, great, if not you can just forget about them. Calling back and asking too much just makes you look a bit desperate, which is never a good thing.
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