Q: Tell me about the app you made

Candidate: ahh...umm..tooot.toot

They make me feel like they just copy paste code to get the working version.

I feel bad when see people like this, collage costs a fortune and yet they don't teach students how to start and organize requirements

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    yeah I know what you mean when you worked hard on a project but cant answer all questions. But even if you wrote all the code on your own you wont be able to remember everything you did and why you did it.
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    @reij those are not the type of questions I ask, for example in Android I came accross a project using background service for downloading instead of async task, and asked what are advantages of him using a service instead of async task in current activity.

    And he failed to answer that. I'm not telling candidates to explain their code line by line, but at least they know why they are using x instead of y, even they said they don't know diff and tutorial mentioned x it would be fine, but they say: I don't know 🙂
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    @reij and yet I can 👀 some of us have a memories like an elephant.

    @gitpush they don't know why they added a random line of code of SO, that's scary.
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    @C0D4 it is scary, let's hope for the best and I hope education system improve,I recall at uni, we once made a form and read value from a text field and pass it to a new window, professor made us feel like we inveted some crazy stuff when all we did was read a value and pass it to another window ....
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    I learned exponentially more on my own than both the time i did codecademy and my 2 simultaneous coding classes in college have taught me combined. (This was well before Codecademy Pro, mind, this was '10 or '11?)

    It would help if Codecademy wasn't fucking garbage and if all test answers in my Intro to CIS class weren't always fucking self-defeating as "in pseudocode anything goes so you just have to treat each of the questions as a black box" and the assignments weren't teaching nasty Python habits ("please use a flag you'll never touch to keep track of if a value was valid, we don't even check for it just do it anyways")

    also my actual Python class is stupid, it's just "here write me a script once a week. don't ever contact me for help, just reread the instructions. tkinter's being retarded? cool, figure it out."
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    @Parzi tkinter is not fun to work with :(
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