Recruiter: What is Go?
Me: It's a newish programming language developed by some really cool guys at Google with C-like syntax and great concurrency support.
Recruiter: So it's like Google's version of RESTful?
Me: Umm…

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    let IT Go
    let IT Go
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    Go is the latest version of the Alef programming language rebranded by Google.
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    Soo, what would be a real world application of go? Havent read alot about it and am curious ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    @Heichichi well... There are a lot of things made with Go out there. Like a lot.
    Mattermost, Docker, Prometheus:). Just Google it;)
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    @lig1 cool thx! Was looking for opinions and exampels so Id rather just ask some smart ppl here ;)
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    @Heichichi It can be used for regular Web services (people like the http and concurrency features) or simple cmd line scripts. Some are using it where they otherwise would use Python. One advantage is that Go creates standalone executables that can run without installing anything (unlike Python where you need the interpreter)
    Some notable examples in the wild: Uber, Soundcloud, Docker, mongodb admin tools, twitch chat (migrated from Python) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...#Projects_using_Go
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    @jiraTicket perfect answer, thank you very much!
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