Well I'm officially terrified. My biz/coding partner in a project had to move back to China about a year ago. We have been working on a project for about 2 years. About two weeks we had to use different VPNs about every 30 minutes so we could communicate because Chinese government keeps cutting it off. He said the virus is much worse than reported and he was to be imprisonment in his house. I have not heard back from him in over a week. ☹️

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    Thats... how quarantine works yeah?
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    He's almost certainly struggling with connectivity, and almost certainly *not* dead.

    The virus is massively overhyped by the media; even if you *do* catch it, there seems to be a <1% death rate for a healthy middle aged adult. It is of course important to quarantine to try to stop its spread as much as possible, but we're not dealing with the end of the world here, despite what the news outlets would have you believe.
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    Being quarantined at your home doesn't stop your from using VPNs though, does it?

    Not saying the guy is dead, just saying there might be a reason why he said it's much worse than reported. I'm sure everyone has heard the rumors about mass cremations in the thousands, so ... yeah. If things were mostly harmless and overhyped, would China really close off their markets? This could potentially plunge the modern world of contract manufacturing into chaos.

    That said, outside of China, yet, little has happened so far, and there's some overhype going on. In any event, the death toll seems to be way too small for it to become a true pandemic of apocalyptic proportions. Could still become a major hassle if it can't be contained, though.
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    @mksana Yes ,but China can be really creepy. he said the gov banded almost all vpn recently and is planing to ban all vpn this week.

    Hubei province and Wuhan city like dead zones recently.total been blocked.
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    Dude, if you wanted to communicate with him you should have just installed WeChat. Not the best app in the market, concerning from a security prospective, but at least doesn't require a VPN
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    It wasn't that bad in China, unless he was in hubei. I've been here the whole time and well it's been alright very few cases outside of hubei and outside of the big cities shit went back to semi normal now normal pretty quick
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