What if you could combine elements of Python with elements of Javascript?

I present GDScript:

So far I am really liking this engine.

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    All glory to the godots
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    Finally, the power of a mediocre scripting language with the bad design of another
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    @12bitfloat fuck me that was brütal
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    GDScript is class-based, which is a significant difference from other loosely typed languages.
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    @Lor-inc Isn't Python also class based?
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    I supports typed in recent versions, traditionally no
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    @SortOfTested Does that mean Python is moving up because it is getting some class?

    I don't mind either Python or Javascript (less enthusiastic about JS though). I think the description of GDScript is interesting from a design perspective. They tried LUA and tried Python and others. Found them lacking and created something purpose built. Godot also supports C# for scripting I think. The docs for the engine are really good too.
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    It just means it's getting marginal type safety, so you can compile time check things. ☺️
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    @12bitfloat What constitutes bad design? I mean both Python and JS work for the purposes they were built. I mean they were not designed to tackle the same problems that C++ and Rust were designed to tackle.
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