Hey guys. I'm sure this has been asked before but what kind of work laptops are you issued. And 1-10 rating of em. Just curious.

Personally: Dell Latitude e6520. 6/10

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    toshiba satellite p50. but with 17" and an SSD instead of 2x HDD

    8/10 could do with better ventilation and the bluray is loud
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    my Lenovo Y-50 is 8/10. though off the shelf it comes with 8GB ram. i extended it to 16GB
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    @amjo Good call I did the same. DDR3 is dirt cheap anyways
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    2012 MacBook air 13" with an i7, 8GB ram, 256 GB hd. It's showing its age. When I got it, 9/10, now more like 6/10.
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    Dell Latitude e5470
    - Quad i7
    - 180GB SSD
    - 16GB
    - Dock and two external monitors.
    They let me pick it out for the team and I worked in a bundle discount direct from Dell for the purchasing dept. I can knock back an entire productive day on a single charge even with a VM running.
    It was a 10/10 when I got it and still easily a 9/10. SSD size was my only regret.
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    @T3hbeowulf i never met a single person that regretted having an SSD..
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    HP EliteBook 8460p
    Second gen i5, 4GB, 250GB HDD
    In 2011 it was a 6/10, but five years on it's 1/10, because although I just use it for VPN and RDP, it's slow, has bad WiFi connectivity at times, and the keyboard is partially faulty...
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    @DarkMukke I don't regret the SSD, I regret choosing a small size.

    180GB would be plenty for a single Linux OS but I have the work requirement of running Windows and chose to install Linux in a VM for most Dev tasks. This thing is perpetually bouncing around 30GB free and often falling much closer to full.
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    @T3hbeowulf i have a 240 ssd but /home and /var or on a 2TB hdd eevenly split. Home cause too much data. Var cause to much writes to logs
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