Okay, I knew one of my colleagues was actually a work freak, but to this point...

He's been working for most of the day yesterday on a school project, and so was I. Satisfied with my progress, I push the code with TODOs on things we had to agree on tomorrow as well as mentioning it in the issue associated with it on Git, with my last commit a bit before 11PM.

I wake up, with a ping on Discord asking me what was that "bug" I just pushed, wondering what editor I use and asking me if I even use the console debugger. Said "bug" was the point of discussion I said we wanted to talk about tomorrow, I replied in the morning. But he decided of the fix on his own and committed it, as well as other things until... 3AM...

Honestly, I don't blame him for choosing at our stead, he's the leader of our branch and the Gitmaster on top of that. I just reproach him to call it a bug, not see the issue, and all that while he could, you know, sleep. And get some rest overall.
This dude has been working himself madly these last weeks, where he did about 80% of what each of the team member was supposed to do in a whole semester (which amounts to 150 hours of work) for this project (we're nine folks on it).
Now I'm pretty sure it's how he works and that he still gets a decent amount of sleep (like I dunno, until 9AM or so), so I don't expect a response beforehand.

And indeed, as he woke up, he replied to me.

At 7:50AM.

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    Burnout is a subtle, horrible, beast.
    Have a serious talk with him about it, and encourage him to look for a more balanced sleep schedule, before it's too late. Only misery and regrets lie ahead.
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    I also had (actually, still have, but usually it's too stressful) a time when I did concentrated work best at night. No one disturbed me and time did not matter. Depending on my previous sleep cycle I would still get up as usual and add some sleep around 3pm.
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    I've been in projects where staying up all night working on it was common.
    I have no problem, I dislike sleeping too much. Last night I slept 5½ hours.
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    @endor Well said. It's sad to see how many people fail to grasp that.
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    @Jilano unfortunately, I think it's one of those things that people don't fully understand how bad it is until it's too late to go back and fix it the easy way
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    Maybe he is escaping something personal. He doesn't want to deal with it, so drowns himself in work hoping to forget about it.
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    This feels like a CS2810 Team Project project.

    In any case, I echo what @endor said, i.e. that you should have a chat with him about the proximity of his activity to being burnt out and why he is doing it.
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    redbull is a helluva drug
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