I was hoping that I never have to build stupid websites again, but here I am...

The thing I hate the most, is the hassle to have an easy to update dev, staging and prod environment. Fuck wordpress, fuck drupal, fuck joomla.

git pull && composer install && npm install should be all that's needed to get the latest code in an environment.

composer require *** to install plugins. No stupid web interface where users install plugins in production env.

I don't want to create database dumps just because these fuckers think that you should store configurations in the database.

Is there any clean CMS primarily for professional programmers? Or are they all just made for retarded subhumans?

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    I think they're made for retarded subhumans so they'd hit a larger amount of users and customers
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    @ZioCain I am afraid as well, but maybe someone shows up with a surprise. I mean I've built one, but unfortunately it belongs to my old employer...
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    @sboesch build another one, very similar, different where required to avoid intellectual property of old employer
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    @ZioCain Actually, I hope someone else already wastes their time and knowledge on such a niche product.
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    Docker compose
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