Im petting my cat with my left hand and browsing Devrant with my right. Its super hard to get back from a rant. Pretty please devs of rant make swipe right and left on rants leave/enter?

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    Are you on iOS? Swipe to close a rant already exists as that's default iOS behavior.
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    My finger cant reach all the way to the screen edge :( with the left hand easy peacy.. stupid phablet with its beautiful big screen and my trump hands
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    For real tho, I think alot of phablet users would appreciate a easy way to get back from rants with your thumb that generally reaches 60% of the screen right->left when holding in the right hand :)

    Trivia question: Why is it that alot of buttons in applications have these in the top? When our fingers reach bottom->top? Old habits from menus maybe?
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    @Heichichi it's standard practice unfortunately. Without creating your own custom nav bar all apps default it to the top on both iOS and android. Windows is on the bottom though
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    Yeah, I think the gestures would be a good feature. Definitely useful. To be honest though, it's not the easiest thing for us to add with the current architecture of the apps but definitely something that will be on our list for the future!
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