We had a short power outage this morning. 30 min later I got an "urgent" call that someone's "computer" was not working in another branch of our company.

Not one person in that branch could figure this out so after them repeatedly messaging and calling me for around an hour I decided to come over.

I found out that the power wall plug to the monitor has a switch on it which this person accidentally kicked...

I fixed his problem in around 20 seconds. This same employee was one that somehow had his email account previously "hacked" and 8000 phishing emails were sent from his account in 1 hour.

I honestly think it is amazing people like this can even use a computer at all...

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    just crying! *douh
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    some people loves to see the world burn...
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    but doesn't it feel good when they say stuff like "wow you're so smart you're so good with computers wow just a total genius"?
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    @jbrandona119 yea its very rewarding when a computer inveterate says you are smart.
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    *A computer illiterate
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    This stuff drive me crazy. How many hours are wasted because the workforce is computer illiterate.

    This is the tool you use everyday of your life.

    Companies should have minimum proficiencies.

    This is actually my dream job to set up a training program at companies on this.

    It would be 2 hours and focus on how to use advance google searches with boolean logic.
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