I hate my job (work as a waiter). I am seriously considering quitting in a few weeks, but I want to get a job as a junior developer even though I am not very good at programming. I live in Dallas and am wondering what are the things I must know before applying to a company.

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    Can you program? Why do you say you aren't very good?
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    here is my 2 cent, please take harvards cs50 course from edx.org
    that will make your foundation somewhat stronger. also if you can then get your hands dirty with some open source projects.
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    Look at job postings in your area, if for example of a lot of them are looking for php developers then go learn php, adjust to the market. Look up online courses and learn the fundamentals, contribute to some open source projects, do some of your own and you should be good
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    Also, it might happen that you don't get selected at first few interviews. Don't be discouraged. Learn from the experience and keep trying. All the best :)
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    @NoeBro Some people are better programmers than others though. It's usually down to experience, but not always. Some people are just better suited to it.
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    @NoeBro of course nothing and nobody is perfect.
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