I have heard about Apache Hadoop for a while but never bothered to learn anything about it.
What can it be used for? Can I use it for hosting thousands of websites powered by php/hhvm?
I am starting to have a need for a really HA and High Performance solution that is futureproof too. My current solution is doing great also when it comes to performance and HA, but it is always nice to try out new things...

So the question is, can Hadoop be used in a hostingsolution?

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    Thanks, I like answers like that
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    I understand,
    The thing is that I have to build the environment myself in our own datacenters, so using google or another hosting provided is not an option :)

    Thank you for your answer
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    Short answer, I thought I could use Hadoop as a webhosting solution for thousands of websites.

    I will stay away from Hadoop, it seems like a pain.
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    Hadoop == Big data
    what yo can use/need is docker, it has a container service that might help you with the hosting problem :)
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