Chrome browser was installed on my new PC at work by IT as a piece of software we get as default.

I've been having an issue where certain sites seem to fall SSL.

I contacted IT and their only response was that it must have been installed by mistake and that don't support it.

When I informed them that it was on every new PC I had seen they said that's not possible and I'm the first case they had seen.

WTF, our IT department is so screwed up that they don't even know what their rolling out to our PCs.

Even worse I've been made to feel like I'm doing something wrong by using software they don't approve of, even though they installed it.

I think I'm sending tonight getting an old laptop set up with linux do I can connect to the guest Wi-Fi at work. At least then the PC is under my control.

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    Check your time setting,
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    Like @Linux said, check your time and date, I've seen this way too many times.
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    Unfortunately that isn't the problem.

    IT essentially pull a man in the middle attack and decode all the web traffic and then re sign it before it his the browser with a self signed certificate. I suspect chrome doesn't like this. I've tried reinstalling the self signed certificates but with no luck.

    I could cope if it weren't for the fact that github is being displayed as if no CSS has benn loaded for the site.

    We've had constant problems recently since we switched from XP to Windows 7 and they locked us down on what we could do. I recently spent a week without any IDEs because IT didn't understand what the applications were for and couldn't fix the bad installs from their own package manager. In the end I had to find someone with higher elevated rights than I have to reinstall the software.

    All of this on a new system that is "safer and more convenient" for us as users apparently. We are constantly told that the new system will make things easier for us, but that isn't the case.
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    There's a website called pocketmine. Chrome fails to ssl connect to it. I know. Chrome has some ssl issue with some websites.
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