What are some other cool jobs I can do in tech besides code?

I am hating development and the mass confusion.

backbone.radio is a node
package but ALSO and actual application for internet radio like real radio.

Is in the backbone.js documentation...NO!

It on the marionette documentation which is built on backbone.

Guess what’s hard to search for?

Fuck it man😵

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    There's a lot of other options.

    If you already have some knowledge in coding maybe you could try some DevOps.
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    "IT guy"
    Penetration tester
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    DevOps and automation is the sweet spot of non development work with development pay and interesting mix of usually well documented tools
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    There are also less shitty languages to choose from.
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    Cybersec is currently booming, fast paced and interesting. Both red and blue team.
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    I feel you man. I recently graduated with a Computer Science degree, but I've felt like you for a long time. So I got a job as a DevOps Engineer, and it's absolutely amazing
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    Did you mean tech or just IT? Pretty much anything you see around you is related to tech.
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    What skills do I need for dev ops? From what I know it’s if a system engineer and dev had a baby.
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    @katbreitin honestly not much. Its way more important that ypu have an interest in it, than being extremely knowledgeable.

    That being said, there are some common areas that are good to know. You should at the very least know how to set up a ci/cd pipeline. Then it wouldn't hurt to be skilled in at least one cloud vendor, and also knowing how to monitor stuff.
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