## Building my own router

Damn it! I've got to read more before making decisions :) I already do that, but I need yet *MORE* reading.

So I bought a miniPC which I'm planning to turn into a router. I wanted to install AX200 (wifi6) card in it but it could only see the bluetooth part of it (using btusb kernel module).

What I did NOT know about wifi cards and mPCIe slots

M2 is only a form-factor. It defines what the connector looks like. Over that connector multiple different protocols could be used. m2 (NGFF) WIFI cards are usually using PCIe proto. And USB.

My so-desired AX200 uses both PCIe and USB protocols: USB for BT and PCIe for the actual wifi.
https://ark.intel.com/content/www/.... The same spec applies to both: m2 and mPCIe card versions.

Now my mini PC has a mPCIe slot but the label on the board says "USB wifi". Which suggests that it only accepts the USB-related pins of mPCIe (as wiki says about mPCIe: "The host device supports both PCI Express and USB 2.0 connectivity, and each card may use either standard.").

So I guess that means I'm stuck with a useless mPCIe port :D shit..

Now my best bet is to wait for USB dongles supporting wifi6 and use usb AC adapters until then. Well... It's not an optimal outcome. But still IMO a better solution than an embedded router from the shelf!

(No, I'm not giving up and buying another used/new PC :) )

At last I can calm down and stop searching for magical pcie-to-usb adapters :) Phew... That's a relief!

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