As a Full-Stack developer, is it a sin to hate frontend dev? How do you cope?

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    It isn't, and I mostly avoid it.

    Amusingly, I'm a better frontend dev than our frontend dev, so I mostly just clean up his keyboard diarrhea when I get to that part of the ticket. It's a little less work than if I built it all myself, and makes him look lame. I am okay with this. 🙂
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    It's fine,
    it's a chaotic mess of it's own and should be treated as such.
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    10 bucks says your pain comes from CSS
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    @AleCx04 10 Turkish bucks from me too 😃
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    Getting headaches mostly on messy file structure, spaghetti callbacks, overwritten jQuery scripts doing weird stuff, angular version update and the plain ugly sight of the html with material tags all over. The list goes on and I see no hope.
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    One reason why frontend sucks so much is that it's riddled with incompetent people with no understanding even of the simplest underlying technologies like HTML, and of course the result is a an ugly dumpster.
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    Every some often you have to let the backend devs try their hand at making stuff look pretty while you handle the dataflow and infrastructure. Otherwise they forget that they can't do it and get all superior.
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    depends, if it's about styling with css or structuring with HTML (or XML),
    that experience is a delight for me,
    but using a JavaScript framework the right way is a burden sometimes, my 2 cents.
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    Full stack dev myself.

    Really enjoy the backend. I dont mind front end (not my fav) but find it alot more frustrating at times and end up having to spend alot of time on relatively minor features. I try to leverage existing lightweight frameworks and themes since I cant make anything look good myself. And I try to keep things simple as possible.
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    IMH opinion the differing factor between Fullstack and frontend devs these days is CSS.

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