Writing down your thoughts makes your brain feel free because it doesn't have to keep them inside itself.

It's kinda like talking a huge dump.

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    Brain is just like rectum
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    depends on how we're recording them. Pencil and paper would only lead to anxiety. First from struggling to keep up, then afterwards while attempting to go back and interpret the chaotic mess that was just generated.
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    I write my garbage thoughts all over the office wall using my own shit. It's like meditation.
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    Sticky notes. Lots and lots of sticky notes.
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    @lkjhgf253 better be some big sticky notes. It'd probably take me 6 of the normal sized to just finish one thought
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    @M1sf3t I just chain them together. Sometimes front and back.
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    haha, true - i have taken to using backlogs for everything, even small projects, just to free up brain cycles... i'm getting old and my brain is starting to dry up :)
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