In my opinion, business as usual.

1. Work from home if possible. Cars fuck up the environment and no one likes traffic jams, use transportation sparingly. Pandemic or not.

2. I never want to shake the filthy sweaty hands of untrusted peasants, I don't care if you're a CEO representing our biggest client. An acknowledging nod is sufficient.

3. Why the FUCK do I feel sneeze droplets raining down the escalator? I don't care WHAT you're infected with, just sneeze in your elbow. No, don't sneeze in your hand either you dimwitted mongrel, because too many people insist on ignoring rule 2.

4. The news just taught you how to wash your hands? You mean, you didn't learn that in elementary school?

5. Pandemic or not, if you're sick, fucking stay at home. Why do people suddenly need a "policy" for this? Wasn't this always the common sense rule? Employers who don't send sick workers home actively sabotage their own business, even when it's "just a mild flu".

6. Keep some distance from me in public whenever possible. Again, pandemic or not... It's called personal space.

7. I understand that wearing mouth masks is not culturally integrated in the west like it is in Japan, but maybe it should be. Not for egocentric self preservation when you're healthy, but out of politeness to the public when you're sick. They actually work much better for that purpose, and it decreases the chance I will break your neck when you violate point 3.

I'm not a total germaphobe. I'll gladly engage in a filthy orgy with a dozen friends... As long as they've showered, aren't coughing, and don't have snot running down their chins.

The general hygiene level of the population is so fucking awful.

Pandemic, or not, it doesn't matter.

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    On point 7,if you're sick, then yes, but if you're not sick, FOR FUCKS SAKE DON'T EVEN BUY A MASK!! There are shortages of those already and docs need them more
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    @epse "DON'T EVEN BUY A MASK!!"

    If only I could. There is exactly 0 masks available because people are fucking morons.
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    @epse What I mean is that instead of masking up the whole population, like China does, it's much more effective to treat masks as a common household item, which you wear when you have "common cold" symptoms and expect to interact with family & friends.

    It's polite to not infect family members, right?

    There is currently only a shortage because people suddenly started hoarding. In Japan, most households have one or two boxes at home by default, just like how most western people will have stuff like a pack of paper tissues.

    After this pandemic has passed, it would be great if we could incorporate that Japanese custom into western culture.
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    I love you.
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    Why don't we just immigrate to Japan and cut out the middle man?
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    @nitwhiz I love you too.

    @SortOfTested 悪い考えではない
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    Of course, if people could resist the urge to stick their dirty fingers in their mouths, eyes or up their nose, the chances of covid-19 spreading would be pretty much zero.
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    Also, maybe not have giant markets where stacks of caged birds shit on goats, which shit on lizards, and gutters with blood-excrement mixture are flushed out with lukewarm water while people fill plastic bags with chunks of questionable meat.

    And that's not just China, in the EU & USA we also love to build giant festering petri-dishes called "factory farms", for now still suppressed using massive amounts of antibiotics.

    I'm not vegan, and I wouldn't mind a delicious plate of pangolin puree or a batch of bat brew, but you should at least treat your dinner nicely before it bleeds to death.

    If the extra added cost of treating animals humanely and hygienically means that meat becomes an expensive specialty item, so be it.

    I'll just eat my sterile snake soup once a month, instead of daily, thank you very much.
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    5. With the common flu, the "normal" rule is to stay home based on your own condition. Trying to save others from getting the disease is often considered futile as it's so common among the population.

    7. Masks only really help if you are the one who's sick or you are treating a person who's sick. Otherwise, the effort should be placed on other measures.
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    Point 5. in the United States with their fucked up fire at will labour laws, you'd be scared too to loose your job because your sick. And go to work.

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    This is true. I can't recall the last time I had sick days, much less used them. I've skipped X-ray, MRIs, tests etc after getting maintenance medication because I didn't want the inevitable multi thousand dollar bill.

    God bless murica indeed.
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    @heyheni I don't understand why the US and China aren't better friends... they have so much in common. Fascist governments with a democratic mask led by fat grandpas, agencies tapping the internet of their own population, a work-yourself-to-death labor culture with effectively no laws or unions, and neither stroopwafels nor hagelslag are widely available.
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    False, I have to hide the stroopwafels from my husband. We also make pizzeles.
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    @SortOfTested You are a truly cultured person.
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    @epse @lamka02sk @bittersweet As far as I have heard, those masks do quite nearly nothing against airborne viruses, and are designed primarily to contain saliva, like a hairnet will contain hair but not dandruff.
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    A surgical mask doesn't stop viruses from passing, that's correct. The little bit more beefy respirators are classified by oil resistance levels and particulate filtering, N95 being non-oilproof and filtering 95%, P100 being oilproof and filtering 99.8% (NOT 100%!).

    Surgical masks do stop fluid droplets and bacteria from passing at high velocity.

    So why would you wear a simple surgical mask if you are healthy? You don't. People cough/sneeze on you, it hits your mask, droplets diffuse through, you get sick.

    But what if you're sick? You breathe & cough, droplets hit the inside, diffuse through, virus particles on the outside (which is why you don't touch the outside!). On the mask, but not in a cloud around you.

    This is why you see a small percentage of Japanese people, year-round, with masks on, not because they're paranoid of getting infected, but because they ARE infected and are polite enough to protect OTHER people.
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    @bittersweet Seems like even worse than coughing into your elbow (or just straight up into the fucking air). Sick person adjusts their mask, touches door handle. Boom. You're carrying your disease in a place you constantly touch, causing thousands of infection vulnerabilities rather than just when you cough

    Meanwhile, I don't tend to adjust my elbow much...
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    @AlgoRythm And it's also why surgeons wear surgical masks: Not to protect the themselves, but to prevent their own saliva from being coughed into an open wound.
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    @AlgoRythm That's why health officials might be a bit weary of recommending masks to the general public, and when they do they'll stress that you shouldn't touch the front of the mask, and immediately dispose of it after a single use.
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    @bittersweet I can tell you, right now, from my very limited experience with them, It's fucking impossible not to adjust the outside of the mask.
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    @bittersweet When I was in hospital (mostly for diabetic ketoacidocis, nothing virus-related) everyone when entered the room and I all had to wear masks. As someone who also has to wear glasses, it was SO HARD not to adjust the mask where it was touching my glasses. Maybe if I wore a mask all the time I'd get used to it, but just wearing it when I'm sick means I'll never be used to it enough to make it feel natural. As much as I tried, sometimes I'd adjust without even thinking.
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    @AlgoRythm Masks are supposed to supress couching and sneezing, getting sick from surface contamination is another thing where you have to exercise hand hygiene. So masks help vs direct infection but you have to wash your hands to combat indirect infection.
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    @Gregozor2121 surface contact, I would imagine, is a vast majority of the reason disease spreads. If a device increases that, why would you ever use it?
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    @AlgoRythm When you cough, you spray droplets over large surfaces, and worse, aerosol "clouds" which other people walk through.

    When you're infected and wear a mask (which you're not supposed to touch), much less so.

    I've worked on influenza viruses in a BSL3 laboratory, and from our studies Mexican flu survived for about 10m on hands, and up to a day on hard surfaces. Coronaviruses (back then it was mostly sars being studied) are a little bit tougher, but not by much.

    24h on a door handle sounds long, but is actually a minor factor. From someone's cough to doorhandle to another person's hands to mouth... By then, chance of infection is relatively low.

    The major method of transmission is people coughing/sneezing/breathing in close proximity, and mouth/nose-wiping followed by handshakes, followed by the other person touching their mouth.

    Masks, worn by sick people, do mitigate risks.
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    @bittersweet You had worked in a level 3 lab? Tell me how was it?
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    @Gregozor2121 Tiresome. Suiting up takes time, you can't easily go for a pee, not easy to go for lunch so you'd just work 6 hours in a row.

    Also, breathing filtered air all day and hearing only the noise of HEPA cabinets really fucks with your brain in a similar way to sensory deprivation.
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    Not to say I don't agree with all that, it's 110% absolutely correct, but still... this is why retards will rule this planet, because people like you will die alone and that fucking sucks!
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    @bittersweet Let it be heard ❤️
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