Work from home policy is still in our managers discretion - manager can just say to stay within the building and to stop buying coffee outside

Clinic is not giving away masks readily unless an employee has cough or colds

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    Masks are useless unless you are sick so there's no point in wearing one of you aren't sick.
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    Why the fuck are you not allowed to buy Coffee?
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    @asgs my guess is to decrease the interaction with other ppl but that's still fuckin dumb.
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    @Stuxnet the masks would have helped protect the employees from getting the disease
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    @asgs they came from mainframe background mostly - they don't need it
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    @delose no. The masks don't prevent shit.

    They're only useful if you're sick to prevent spreading it to others.
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    @Stuxnet oh yeah I forgot; the disease is not airborne
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