I honestly hope that my whole office gets quarantined so that the stuck up managers will realize that a few days of remote actually works.

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    Someone make this happen. Daddy Satan, can you hear me? Please, another favor..
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    I'm actually not in favour. It has the downside that you are not in direct contact with the people you need. In the office the contact is too direct where people walk up to you to fix their shit while your work is delayed because of that. There is no in between
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    @EngineerCoding If the option is between open office and reaching out to people via slack. I'll choose the second option any day of the week.
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    @123username and what if you need help with an urgent issue? Call your colleagues? For myself, I don't like my colleagues having my phone number because it is going to be abused eventually
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    @EngineerCoding What's the option in an open office? Pulling their headphone cables? In a remote environment people have to keep a watchful eye on their slack notifications if they are expected to be available for communication. Call via slack, screen share when needed. Everything you need to collaborate is there. To each their own but I don't see why there would be any critical collaboration issues by working remote with all the resources we have. If there are any, they would likely be cancelled out by the massive benifit that working remote could provide. Again, it's not for everyone. My own ideal strategy would be 2-3 days remote. But my point on collaboration remains.

    Edit: I agree with you on not sharing phone numbers (at least not private numbers), Slack should be enough.
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