"We're gonna use React Native for our project."

Me:"If that's your decision, then I would decline your offer."

After few weeks...

"Are you vacant for this kind of job? We'll be switching to Flutter".

I don't know what happened. I worked for him as a freelancer using VueJS for their project. and he insisted to use React Native to make that web into mobile. I declined his offer. Now he wants to work with me again using Flutter.

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    and? will you? 🙂
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    @heyheni of course. I made his front-end purely in material design. Flutter heavily uses Material Design so I shouldn't be worried about the design and functionalities.
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    Yay Vue, have you ever used quasar?
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    @lopu no. He was using a admin template. But as I dug into it. It was using Vuetify.
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    @Clueless it's got Cordova support that's why I was asking, I know I know people hate non-native but I think it's cool
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    @lopu he knew the consequence of non-native app. That's why he chose React Native.
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    @Clueless would be cool if there was Vue native hey
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    @lopu still not gonna use it. There is a vast difference in the web and mobile. I don't want to mix them both. By the way, the website is already responsive for mobile users.
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    @Clueless yeah but having an app on the app store is the best. So you think react native is too much like writing responsive web code?
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    @lopu there will probably be in the forseeable future. Vue 3.0 will have the renderer more modular so someone can implement rendering to other targets...
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    @eval sickkkkkk
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