Usually happens when hitting some heavy development after waking up to an idea at 5am and rushing in to the office to make it happen. Then you write for hours straight refilling some coffee once in a while.

At some point you start finding other people at the coffee station and the smalltalk starts. For some reason I can't turn my brain into social mode. Someone asks me stuff like "How was your weekend?" And the answer can be anything between "I like turtles" and some totally uninhibited and unintended truth in the TIM category.

Flow is strong but it totally fucks up my social capabilities. It also makes me happy =D

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    classmates: How was XXXXX?/ How is XXXXX going?
    me: Good.
    Then they stare at me like waiting for something else... thats weird, dudes.
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    Oh god that thing about going full TiM. Yes. I'm trying not to appear antisocial but no smalltalk is a available in my head; so it's like I've just reduced the threshold of acceptable topics until words start coming out of my mouth.
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    it's just... no more capacity left in the brain, it's still busy with solving the dev issues. I usually miss out the lunch break in these cases...
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    @fussl86 literal physical stack overflow
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