Had a meeting with a web development firm with 10+ developers on staff to discuss ways we could help them improve efficiency and they said "we don't have anyone who knows SQL or databases"...

How do you even find 10 developers who "don't know databases"?

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    Wait, what? A web dev firm doesn't know databases? Is this some kind of alt universe? This is a call for this statement: "You are doing it wrong!" to the web firm.
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    Plenty of firms classify themselves as web, but are stacked with/led by designers, then eventually realize you can't Photoshop your way to success.
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    they are probably 'wix developers'
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    @Demolishun Between "knowing databases" and "knowing databases" of different people can be worlds.
    While the most developers will get their job done after some time, but they may lack the the deep understanding to get it done fast or create efficient code.
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    Or everybody knows database, but no one wants to be the dude which is called in the middle of the night because the database has died during an backup ;)
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    @SortOfTested Sure you can as long as you only sell promises and not results.

    Seen plenty of such shops.
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    Seems like the kind of firm with IT script kiddies or those with Front-End-only bootcamp grads who never bothered to pick up Back-End skills or what @SortOfTested said.
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    Is this a startup?
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    @karma no, they actually have been around for decades and are very successful
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    @bebetter howwwwwwww?
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