Impact on schools in Austria:

full blast on eLearning from home. For everyone, from March 18 until at least April 19.
Unis already have it, 9th grade and up will do so from March 16 onwards already.

Man that's crazy

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    yeahhh im enjoying my 1 week stay at home. All schools in here closed as per goverment word. Well crazy.
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    Chance that happens in Germany too.
    At least in some states
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    @Ranchu It will eventually happen in Germany, don't worry. They fucked up massively in the beginning, it is going to spread enormously. Same as Italy. They were ignoring it for too long.
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    @Ranchu our ministry of education in Bavaria would continue school well into ww3
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    I wish we had e-learning in Germany.
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    @Ranchu Das ist aber noch "Neuland" bei euch. :)
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    @kescherRant du mich auch :D
    Leider richtig
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    @Ranchu e learning would require decent connectivity and technical capability... Just how long has digitialiazerung been promised?
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