Call me when covid-19 gets this bad:
From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus. Yet almost no media coverage. The "woke" people were in charge then.

Until then media outlets, STFU...
When all is said and done the media will be guilty of wielding weapons of misdirection. The disgustingness of people willing to use this outbreak as a way for political gain is abominable.

At my work?:
People have not been able to travel so that has been annoying.

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    But there was no elections that year, people didn’t recover from real estate bubble, EU had debt crisis.

    Now it’s just another 10 years cycle so hedge founds and bankers can get rich again.
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    Yeah, it's all political.
    Anything to kill the economy, since that's what Trump is running on.
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    I remember swine flu was a big deal and got plenty of attention. People seem more panicked about this one though for some reason
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    I know where the door is...
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    It'S aLl PoLiTiCaL
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    @010001111 I heard it was made in Canada and Chinese agents stole it. Those same agents work in the Wuhan lab. Then someone was selling research animals from the lab in Wuhan meat markets.
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    So what are you saying is that you only want to know news about events that are more significant than past events, continually keep rising the bar? Well ok, next time theres a small civil war in your area we wont notify you until its as bad or worse than ww2. Ok boomer
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    @Hazarth You got it sperm sample.
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    @010001111 a pandemic is a good way to free up sea side property.
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    I dont even know what the freak out is about. It isn't even a particularly scary virus. It spreads quickly, fine. But it isn't dangerous unless you're already in poor health -- which is true of literally every other illness out there.

    "It isn't scary because it's dangerous; it's scary because it spreads so quickly!"

    Who the fuck cares? So we'll get a cold, maybe a bad cold. That happens to lots of people every year with the flu, except the flu is much worse. And it's preventable, yet I dont see anyone getting a goddamn flu shot. Also, colds are quite contagious anyway, but we dont close schools because of them.

    "But it kills 2%, 5%, or 7% of people!"

    First off, make up your freaking mind on the statistics. Secondly, in order to get an accurate mortality rate, you need to know the number of infected people, and for a virus that often doesn't show any symptoms besides a mild cold -- if any symptoms at all -- that's basically impossible to do. If people don't report their illness (and why would they if there's basically no symptoms) there's no way to know. So if you include these people, that 7% or 2% mortality rate is at least one order of magnitude lower, and likely two orders lower. Meaning 0.7% or as low as 0.02%.

    I'm simply not scared of something that's (a) a bad cold, and (b) very unlikely to kill me or anyone I know.

    Besides. I was in San Jose a week before the first confirmed case there, experienced most of the symptoms a week and a half later (plus exhaustion, probably from stress), gave it to my family, and we all got over it. So I probably already contracted covid19. And even if I didnt, the above still applies. It simply isn't scary.

    The only thing that's bothering me about this is the bloody hysteria, and not being able to find any toilet paper or bottled water because simpletons caught the Corona-crazy and are panic-hoarding everything.

    Hell, someone even stole my paper towel delivery from my front door last week. 😕
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    @Root totally agree, it is spreading very quickly but luckily is not very bad for ~80% of the people who get it.

    Pretty sure I had it too with matching symptoms about 2 weeks ago. Luckily didn't pass it on to my kids.

    I can see people being worried if they are close to the at risk group other wise you do what you would for an viral infection. Rest, take lots of water and remember to git push just incase
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    @vorticalbox Apparently children usually don't show symptoms (but still carry it) so you very well could have given it to them.
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    @Root my oldest Is immunocompromised so could could make him very ill but yes we got lucky with this one.
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    Uhuh. "Just a flu"
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    @M1sf3t sure, maybe next year it will be alright if there's a vaccine. However, that does not mean that there's not a major issue right now.

    Even if you don't get it, it can still be a problem for you if you need another type of healthcare as there may not be enough equipment and personnel to treat you.
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    @Geoxion People developing the vaccine say minimum 18 months. Most likely a lot longer. Vaccines can take upwards of 10 years to get through drug approval.
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    @M1sf3t @Demolishun you need to make new flu vaccines at least every year cause of flu mutations.

    Moreover nobody can say if you take a vaccine you won’t get sick, probably there is even more probability you will get sick but the symptoms would be lighter because your immune system got prepared for this disease. ( that’s how vaccines work there is no magic they put dead viruses into your body )

    Also there is no warranty your vaccine have only dead viruses so you can get sick cause you got it.

    Another funny fact most resistant bacteria and viruses are in hospitals so it’s easier to die in hospital then at home.

    So what are now those “experts” doing is trying to find method to kill virus and inject it to humans. It doesn’t mean they won’t make mistake and it will turn out virus is not dead and everyone will be sick cause governments will enforce vaccination.

    Be aware of what you’re seeing.
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