So, continuing with the story, I decided to quit today.

I'm not even a month there, and I'm running out of there in flames.

I've got 2 panic attacks in one week, I'm not sacrificing my mental health for some idiot's scam.

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    Good call. Hope you find something good.
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    Sounds like you've been at a startup with a narcissist running the show. I've been there. Good for you for quitting.
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    @123username that's the best way to describe the situation
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    @M1sf3t I have a small support network, a good setup, and skills. I thing I'll find something before I run out of funds
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    So 6 days later. Market falls apart. Jobs are in limbo and no one can risk hiring with the economy in questionable state. Are you hanging in there? Hope your able to find something
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    @ducktyped Yes, I already have some gigs from previous clients lined up. And most of all, I'm being very productive with next to 0 stress.
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    @galileopy good call mate. There are tons of jobs out there. I'm sure you'll find something. Good luck!
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    My best friend went through similar situation. Don't fight it or try to make yourself understand something when you are in panic. Take time off. Start somewhere else.
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