Every time

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    I just wait three or four days before I install that patch
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    Every moron who thinks mac user's still pay for updates needs to give up living under that rock. It's 2016 man
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    @manrock007 yeah paid updates stopped after Snow Leopard right? That was 2010ish
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    ? Windows 10 was a free upgrade... This picture couldn't be more wrong.
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    @DoctorDalek @manrock007

    What about instead for Mac's -,
    Ooo and update... My battery only lasts 2minutes now 🤕
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    @FitzSuperUser no matter how bad you claim the new update is, no software in the world would be capable of draining a Mac battery in 2 minutes. Might I suggest that it could be a hardware/ age issue, and that you get it looked at.
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    @drRoss the image never implies windows updates aren't free
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    @jstaiyo If you're paying for them in money, I think you're being mugged off!
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    @drRoss what? Haha I know they're free, I'm just saying the image never says you have to pay for Windows updates. It says Mac updates aren't free
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