When fixing one problem leads to another....

Now I know how many books are on my reading list but...

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    @shoop it's not very motivating.... Or rather feels demotivating...
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    It's an achievement that you have already read more tham 100 books
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    @asgs well not exactly books, but their summaries so about 20min each.

    But point was just one problem seems to led bigger one. Not as motivating as I thought...
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    reading books is really a good habit. I hope you can keep it for a long time
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    What the hell is the last updated date supposed to represent? Im hella confused.
    I guess its supposed to be 2020 03 13 but missing a zero.
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    @JFK422 stats updated.... It's in short date time format... And apparently I left out an M.... I can never remember the wit format for different languages....

    Some are ymd.... Others are yyyyMMdd or something...
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