I'm so happy to have an electric car in times like these, not only it saves me a whole lot on gas, I can keep using it without the need to visit public places to fill it.

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    That's cool and all but gas prices are dropping and basic hygiene is more than enough to prevent getting the virus while you're pumping gas lol

    But congrats on the electric car
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    @Stuxnet Electricity costs me about 6 - 8 times less than gasoline for the same distance, I don't think prices will ever drop that low :)

    The situation is a bit different here in Europe though, the reason I prefer to avoid public places right now are all the people going crazy, not the virus itself.
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    @hitko you're talking to someone who can't find toilet paper or paper towels in any store but go off dude.
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    @Stuxnet This was taken today. We've had exactly one death so far.
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    @hitko is this Slovenia?
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    @Stuxnet I think @hitko mentioned Europe about the gas price, not the current crisis itself. In the USA, it's almost cheaper to get gas than drinkable water, quite the opposite in the EU/Europe.
    For example, the current price where I live is around 1.6€/L (6.2€/gallon)
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