Fav part of working from home?

Probably nothing.

- Being within eye-shot of my wife.
Wife: "Since your home just sitting there, could you clean the windows?"
Me: "I can't, busy."
Wife: "You're just sitting there clicking, that's not working. You think *I* sit around all day!? Let me tell you what I do all day for you and your children <blah blah blah>.. I ask you to do *one* thing around here, only *one*, and you can't do that! "

I'll inevitably will be doing anything except coding.

- Being within eye-shot of my daughter
H: "Daddy, can you play this game with me?"
<Hmmm...SharePoint or Candyland?>
Me: "Alright baby, let's play Candyland!"

Actually, being home with my girls would be pretty awesome. :)

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    *no, I use gnu/linux*

    Get her a job
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    Your wife sounds just like my mother.
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    Recently I experienced very good refresher sitting in cafe with cozy wi-fi and outlet. I don't remember weekends more productive than that in a while 😄
    (Considering it's about weekend, sorry for off-topic)
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