Why does everyone enjoy being pantless? I for one find it uncomfortable. One of the reasons I also struggle with wearing shorts at summer time.

Do you really work pantless? Sit on a couch/chair but in your undies?


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    Pants really are uncomfortable.
    Shorts are little better.
    Skirts are better, but they're so restricting.
    Sundresses are best.
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    When I get out of the shower, I stay the rest of the day in underwear. I just don't mind and it's fun.
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    I don’t wear anything when I code. I don’t like encapsulation.
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    Whoa now... Going all crazy there with talk of "undies"... Let's keep things more natural around here.
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    Guess your balls can use a bit of ventilation after you spend 200 days a year 10-12 hours a day in pants
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    Dresses ery'day.
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    Agree with you @netikras
    Never understood it. Most I'd go loose would be sweatpants.
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    @odite same here! :fistbump:
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    Hm, most of the time in Boxershorts and T-Shirt.

    How ever.... I like being tucked in a cozy blanket. To the point that I give zero fucks and welcome the delivery guy in a blanket wrapped around my waist or worn like a Sari.

    By cozy blanket I mean eg a camel hair blanket (fav) ... I HATE blankets made from microfiber or shit like that.
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    I'd happily code naked if it wasn't so damn cold.
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    Boxers or PJs for me as the most comfy thing to work in.

    If it's cold, then a blanket.
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    I have difficulty working without a nice pair of pants on my head
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    When I was single; loose cotton shirt, boxer shorts, and socks with rubber soles so I don't slip when I go for a sandwich.

    Now that I'm married and have a 7 year old; loose cotton shirt, basketball shorts, and socks with rubber soles so I don't immediately die when I step on legos.
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    @Root Hum... Time to try a sundress, I guess
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    I actually really like shorts. Can't imagine how I'd deal with anything less than shorts. Absolute nightmare.
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