To work from home, I recently bought an internet connection at home. It has pretty good speed and is affordable for the base plan. The speed is around ~ 35 Mbps. Never had that fast internet in my life.

Now I have this sudden urge to buy a console and start gaming. That would require me to also buy a TV screen. So I'm now dealing with a temptation that would cost me atleast $500 in total.

This corona better stop soon...

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    I want to go shopping but can't get out. :/
    If you want to play Minecraft, you can join our server.
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    @rutee07 I want to join the Minecraft server!
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    @rutee07 UwU nice.
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    Amazon warehouse can have some pretty great deals on used monitors...got my ultrawide the other day for $418. Never used to game on a PC but now I am reaaaally getting into it lol

    oh my bad you're referring to console gaming. Well roku 4k tv's are really cheap and amazing. We got a fucking huge TV for like $435 or something. Didn't realize how big it was until we picked it up. RTings rates them good for the price.
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