I hate it when you get tunnel vision and forget simple solutions exist. Especially when you make yourself sound dumb in doing so.

Spent a bunch of time trying to wrap my head around how you could send data from one website to another and dynamically load content and all this other stuff, only to be told a GET call would make it a lot easier.

With my head in the clouds thinking of complex solutions I said "can you open a new page with a GET call?"

Can you. Open. A new page. With a GET call.

Yes, dumbass, of course you can. Here I am trying to figure out how it's possible to intercept data from a different websites HTTP call to the server and I asked if it's possible to do what ~literally~ a link does.

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    And welcome to DevRant!
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    I had this exact experience almost a year ago -- just to get slapped with an unending list of CORS errors and eventually decide that doing the request from the backend is good enough.
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    I remember having a moment like that, after I'd nearly strained myself lifting a huge piece of concrete out of the ground with a neighbour helping.

    Next one, I thought about carefully, and instead used the reverse lost sand approach to slowly get it out of the ground, by tilting it and putting spoil underneath it, rocking it to the other side and repeating the process, until the hole was full, and the lump of concrete was on top of the ground.

    A much easier solution to implement !

    All I had to do was remember what they did thousands of years ago to lower big heavy things into the ground, and do the reverse.

    Which I'd read about decades ago.
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    I blame those stupid frameworks. They make you easy to replace, and you have to remember so much garbage that you start to forget about native solutions.
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