I get why my prick friend wanted me to get this app - shit's lit my brothers.

Half mad because of this social-distancing shite, especially when I do go out and get to see Apocolypse Survival Barbie stacking her cart with enough bread and frozen products to feed a legion.

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    Welcome 🙂
    You'll do well.
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    Hello and welcome to devretards where we are all idiots
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    Welcome young one, in honour of our deity, we will now perform the annual sacrificial ritual of blessed health in these times of global mayhem.

    You have been selected as tribute, now bow before the devRant gods and prepare for @Rutee07's initiation ceremony.

    Now that that's out of the way, welcome to devRant!!!
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    "Apocalypse Survival Barbie" - new addition to my vocabulary. Thanks!
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