It sucks to see an artist you like go downhill as they become more mainstream. Makes me wish I could go back and see them before they changed so much

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    I felt the same way the first time I searched "Mia Khalifa" and got "Sports Commentator" as her new job description.
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    @rutee07 such a waste of talent :( hearing her talk is the last thing i wanted to see her do in her prime :(
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    @AleCx04 At least now she speaks to an actual "mic". I'll never forget her..
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    @rutee07 swear to God man. Such a tease of a career
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    @Stuxnet Unfulfilled potential is indeed one of the saddest thing.
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    Time does it too unfortunately. I went to see Voltaire in concert a few weeks ago. He apparently got a new girlfriend in Mexico and started feeling himself. Performed 45 minutes total, pulled out his phone to check the time, did 2 songs in Spanish to an audience where the Spanish understanders were me, in addition to other general fuckery. Honestly the worst show of his I've ever seen in 20 years of going.

    I don't begrudge them a good life and success, just hate it when they lose sight of what made them great.
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    Sounds Like a Hipster Meme "I liked them before they became popular"
    Artists evolve. Some from within and some from external influences Like management telling them to be more Like "ed sheeran" or sth. Like that in Order to bring in more cash moneys
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    well, since recordings and videos exist, you can.
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    @Midnight-shcode well duh but it's nowhere near the same as being there in person.

    @don-rager not really but sure
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    @SortOfTested holy fuck you know Voltaire??????! <3
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    @don-rager ah shit to me it sounds like a joke...
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