Dressing efficiently for video calls: Half shirt and tie, half pajama pants.

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    And playing a game on the second screen during standup
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    @Loops I like to get the adrenaline racing with some solitaire. What do you play?
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    @Loops or looking at memes ;)

    And the missing half of the conversation
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    I just use a deep fake of myself giving a shit 👍🏻
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    We need snapchat filters for this ppl
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    @SnowGuard oh you now, a bit of Coolmath Games here, a bit of Purble Place there
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    What kind of job do you have (or perhaps: what kind of company do you work for) that requires shirt and tie for meetings?

    I understand dressing up when you meet with customers, but otherwise all I check is that the clothes are clean and not broken. My office dress code is smart casual, and since I'm in IT, I tone that down a notch, i.e. shirt and thin pullover, jeans, and dark sneakers or similar shoes.
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    @SomeNone I know it doesn't make any sense, we have to be professional and wear a tie BUT we are allowed to bring our pets to work.
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    @SomeNone the insurance company I work for requires/heavily suggests dress shirts and ties for some meetings. Our "dress for your day" policy means jeans and collared shirts pretty much all the time unless you have an "important" meeting with some people that get paid siginificantly more than you...absolutely no pets though :(
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    Omg, why I am so dumb that I didn't spend these interview videocalls more... positively - with the huge meme feed by side 😝
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    I've been playing me some Noita during meetings lately
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    Tie is good, ball is hanging out
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