Designer: can we put the popup at the top of the screen?

Me: You mean op top of the navigation?

Designer: Yeah.

Me: I sure can. Would be stupid to block off the site navigation with a popup, but definately possible.

Designer: Cool, let me know when done!

Me: ....

Me: I am done.

Designer: Well now I can't click on the navigation anymore.

Me: That's correct. Let me know when you want to change it again.

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    Why is it that nearly no company can embrace the importance of competent devs, design, QA and management at the same time? Every place I know either lacks QA altogether, has fucking artists for design as though users were supposed to admire the product without touching, makes software that simply doesn't work or has an average staff turnover of 1 year because of management.
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    Rinse, repeat
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    Ahaha, I can just hear the line "Well now I can't click on the navigation anymore". How do you not slap?

    And you sure are generous, not even putting quotes around the term "designer"
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    @jdebs How do I not slap? Government monopoly on violence. Literally my only reason.
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    hahahah, I did this multiple times, I think its time for me to leave this company
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    Lol I do the exact same thing to people I am working with!.. I let them loose and then just wait for them to come back! (Sounds familiar?) XD
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