#rant "Ember is too hard" - New to Ember, or Ember + firebase? I highly recommend checking out emberschool http://bit.ly/2e2oyG7 @JeffreyBiles Did a wonderful job! You'll learn how to build an ember + firebase app and - then you'll be really awesome!!!

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    I'll get back to ember when they decide to stick to their api, most of the tutorials are outdated cause they change the code every version
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    @DarKneT This tutorial is up to date - and the docs are very good now.
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    @DarKneT I know what you mean, but it needs to continue to change and grow. They'll never just scrap v1 and rewrite to version 2. If you stick to the LTS, you should not experience too much trouble, and the depreciation warnings are early and clear these days. Each change is for the best, but you can always stick with 2.4 or 2.8 for long periods of time with no worry for changes.
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